About us

DesignClim is born from a double observation: Despite their efforts, very few air conditioning and heat pump manufacturers manage to link design and performance, and many customers hesitate to choose for this solution of comfort because of the aesthetics of the products.

Let’s face it, your air conditioner is an essential component of your luxury home, but it’s not something you want front and center. Most of us would rather hide the AC unit for not ruining your perfectly designed interior.

So tired of hearing "the air conditioning is ugly", we decided to give a new look to these devices by customizing them with artwork made by real french artists. The novelty of this concept lies in the fact that by working with artists whose works will adorn your AC wall mounted boxes units indoors, you can change you AC unit into à real decorative work of art that that will be in harmony with you interior design.

The ART'CLIM range is composed of several graphic universes, a large choice of artworks or a 100% customizable image of your own choice.

Art'Clim : A work of art in your living room

Bring an artist into your home for an affordable price? Embellish a support that until then had no or little decorative interest? It's now possible with DesignClim because we've created adhesive decorations that will turn your air conditioning into a decorating support for original artworks by talented artists

Turn your air conditioning into an indoor decorative object!
Choosing a DesignClim Decorative Adhesive will give you air conditioning unit a new dimension and will become a real decorative element for the interior of your home.

100% Perso : Your own artwork on your air conditioning unit

With the 100% personal range created by DesignClim, you can customize your air conditioning unit into an object of Art. 100% personalized with your best memories! Every room in your house will have its own personality.
By choosing a DesignClim Decorative Adhesive you will add a new dimension to your air conditioning unit, which will become a true decorative element in your home's interior.
Various air conditioning manufacturers are making more and more efforts to improve the design of their products, but it remains a challenge to seamlessly integrate the wall units in a living room, bedroom or corridor. With our adhesive decorations you now have an elegant way to turn the front side of your air conditioning unit into a work of art.
Turn your air conditioning into a advertising decorative object at the office or shop. Transform the AC unit into à publicity billboard or simply decorate your office AC unit with your company logo.

In addition, we have developed a professional range of decorative duct covers, supporting UV and other external thermal stresses, to hide the flow of pipes connecting indoor air conditioning units to outdoor units. All these creations are 100% manufactured in France, to favor the local economic tissue of Toulouse and to reduce as much as possible the delivery times.

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